I was introduced to Classical Homeopathy as a teenager when having to overcome recurring issues and I have stayed on this path of natural support ever since.

The reason for this is because the Homeopathic approach to good health is versatile. It has served me my entire life; with female health issues, injuries, travel complaints (sea sickness and jet lag), ‘over study’, exam anxiety, grief and loss, all the way through married life and motherhood. I raised our now-adult son focused only on homeopathy and sound nutrition.

In 1995 I began the four-year study of Homeopathy in the Netherlands. Our family’s immigration, in 1997, to the South Island of New Zealand put a hold on my studies. We moved often within New Zealand and abroad, and I dedicated my care and time to my family.

Over time, new opportunities presented themselves. I enrolled in further study at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy in Tauranga, graduating in 2016 after completing the four-year course (Diploma of Homeopathy NZQA Level 7) and am registered with the
New Zealand Council of Homeopaths.

I now live with my husband in the Bay of Islands where I have a practice in Haruru and Kerikeri.

Besides Homeopathy I do love ‘my yoga’, of which I am a practitioner and a teacher. I have a special interest
in prenatal and mama&baby yoga. Pregnant women benefit from yoga as well as Homeopathy during
their continuum, giving birth and beyond.

With kindness,