‘Holding Space’

Pre-natal Yoga Classes

Yoga can be practised because of the physical exercise it offers; for others to experience a moment of quietness in a busy life; or for some people to get in touch with their inner-Selves.

Pregnancy is often a good time to practise yoga, either as a yogi who has practised yoga before or starting a new journey. Pregnancy can awaken awareness of thoughts and feelings that are new or different. A mindful approach during this time can be supportive.

‘Holding Space’ are yoga sessions that focus on the pregnant-Self with time for  restorative yoga to nurture mother and baby, adding joy through the continuum of pregnancy.

The Asanas (yoga postures) are designed for OBP, (Optimal Baby Positioning). Contributing factors to baby’s optimal position are a balanced pelvis, toned and relaxed soft tissue that surrounds the uterus, and mother’s postural habits.

Our lifestyle, both physical and mental, affects the alignment of our bones and the surrounding tissues, which often need adjusting, eg, through Asanas.

These yoga sessions can help you prepare for a more comfortable birthing process, benefiting mother and baby.